Need Money Now with Bad Credit? Unsecured Loan with CCJ’s

If you’ve got County Court Judgments (CCJ’s), borrowing money is very difficult without collateral. You may need money now with bad credit, but where do you apply? You can get a small unsecured loan with CCJ’s, but the rate of interest will reflect the risk of you defaulting.

If you’ve already applied to Lloyds, Barclays or HSBC, you’ll have discovered that they aren’t going to help you. Most customers are now finding it difficult to get secured loans for people with CCJ’s from high street banks. There are ways to get a bad credit cash advance with a very poor credit history.

Where to Turn when You Need Money Now with Bad Credit

Doorstep financing: Even if you’re unemployed and on benefits, you can get loans with a CCJ for up to £500 over a period of up to 52-weeks. Although you’ll need to demonstrate that the repayments are affordable to you, doorstep loan lenders don’t use credit scoring to determine eligibility.

Payday lenders: Provided that your a citizen of that country, over-18 and have a valid checking account you can borrow up to $1,000. If you need fast cash now, a payday cash advance loan can help you out of a hole. You’ll be able to borrow money with bad credit for up to 30-days.

Alternative Ways to Get a Cash Advance or Unsecured Loan with CCJ’s

Friends and family: If you’re a bit strapped-for-cash or want to avoid the usury rates on bad credit CCJ loans, you should consider borrowing money from a friend or member of your family. You’ll not only able to get a quick cash advance with no credit checks, you’ll also be able to spread the repayments over an extended term. If they’re not also struggling, it can’t hurt to ask.

Credit card: Just in case you aren’t aware, you’re able to withdraw a credit card cash advance for a defined percentage of your credit limit from an ATM machine. You’ll pay a slightly higher interest rate and a cash advance withdrawal fee, but it’s still considerably cheaper than getting an unsecured loan with CCJ’s from a specialist lender.

Are Bad Credit CCJ Loans with No Credit Check the Best Option?

If you’ve encountered financial difficulties as a direct result of over-borrowing, think carefully before taking out an unsecured loan with CCJ’s. You may need money now with bad credit, but are you going to be in a position to repay the debt the next month or are you going to become trapped in a dependency cycle?

Unsecured loans with a CCJ can help you out of a financial hole, but there are other options. Whether you decide to get credit counseling or not should be based on an honest assessment of whether your income and expenditure balance. Never see a bad credit CCJ loan as easy money.